What`s in the name Baptist!

Community Baptist Church is a Baptist church because of a few simple but
defining Biblical distinctives. We feel it is important to uphold Biblical
traits that would help clarify what kind of church we are. The word Baptist
simply means that we believe in…

B – Biblical authority in all matters of faith and practice

You will not find visions, revelations, tongues, or extra Biblical “messages
from God” at Community Baptist.

A – Autonomy or self-governing power of the local church

Our church is completely self-governed outside of a denomination.

P – Priesthood of believers

Every believer has equal and instant access to God. This means that each
believer is his own priest and has direct access to God’s truth and God’s will
for his life.

T – Two officers within the church

The Community Baptist Church has two offices of Leadership – Pastors and Deacons.
Scripture refers to the office of pastor with terms such as elder, bishop, and pastor.
It is the responsibility of the Pastor’s to serve the church by leading, teaching, and
overseeing the church work. It is the responsibility of deacons to serve the church
family through assisting with care and the provision of special needs.

I – Individual Soul Liberty

Every man and woman must choose personally to come to Christ for salvation.

S – Separation of Church and State

The state should have no power to intervene in the free expression of religious liberty.

T – Two Ordinances

We practice two simple ordinances at Community Baptist Church – baptism and the
Lord’s Table (communion). These ordinances have no part in salvation and only serve
as pictures of what Christ did for us.

S – Security of the Believer

Salvation is a gift from God that cannot be taken away. When a person is saved, he is
always saved. Nothing can separate him from eternal life in Christ and he can live with
full assurance of Heaven as his future home.


  • Exaltation - Worship God
  • Evangelism - Reaching Others with the Good News
  • Edifying - Building Others Up
  • Equipping -Training in God's Word, the Bible
  • Excellence - Giving Our Best to God

Our Core Values

  • Exaltation – Worship God
  • Evangelism – Reaching Others with the Good News
  • Edifying – Building Others Up
  • Equipping -Training in God’s Word, the Bible
  • Excellence – Giving Our Best to God

Where to find us

Community Baptist Church

Nathan Homestead Theatre,

70 Hill Road, Manurewa,

Auckland 2012

09 266 4523


Our Service times

Sunday Morning Service & Junior Church:

10:30 AM

Wednesday Evening Bible Study & Prayer Meeting:


7:15 PM

Sunday Evening Service:


5:30 PM